Proposed Race Course - New for 2017!!

Below is the proposed course for 2017. If all goes as planned, one lap will be between 30 and 32 miles. We are hoping for something as close to what is shown below as possible, but there are still many details to be worked out. We will try to have a finalized route by the end of June and post a new map then. There will probably be some changes, but no matter what, count on something new for this year.

The proposed course is about 80% single track ranging from wide open and fast to narrow cow trail, smooth easy cruising to rocky, technical climbs and descents. There will probably be a couple of short hike-a-bike sections thrown in as well. The Epic will do 2 laps or you can opt for the One and Done. Treat yourself to some beautiful views and great riding at the Enduro.

Click on the map to see it bigger.

Aid Stations:

There will be one aid station about half way through the loop, most likely near the Blair Picnic Area, and one aid station just after starting the second lap. Each will have water, Honey Stinger gels, bars, waffles & chews; Hammer Endurolyte capsules, Heed, & Perpetuem (solids and powder); Gatorade, and fruit (bananas) & dried fruit, other kinds of energy bars, bagels or bread, peanut butter and jelly or honey, cookies, pretzels, and other snacks.
There will not be cups or bottles to hand you, but we will have plenty of people around to help fill your bottles or packs.

Course Hazards:

All dirt roads on the course are open to traffic. We will do our best to alert drivers, but not getting smashed by a car is ultimately your responsibility. The course is open to livestock grazing, so don't be surprised to see cattle. Other than that, it's a mountain bike course and you should expect everything associated with that.

Course Marking:

Courses are marked with red diamond shaped signs with black arrows and orange flagging. We may also use orange cones or barracade tape to mark some intersections.

This race is heavily dependent on volunteers!
Interested in helping? Details are on the volunteer page.
Also, check out our youth mountain bike camps.