July 28th, 2018. 7:30am start.

Registration opens March 1st at 7am.


The Laramie Range Enduro originated in 1998 with a start/finish line located within the City of Laramie, Wyoming and climbed the west flank of the Laramie Range more than 1,300 feet into what has become the heart of this annual event - the Pole Mountain trail system.

We are looking to build on the success of the 2017 race in 2018. The course should remain fundamentally the same with the choice of one or two laps. We are looking at a few changes that should add a couple of miles of single track and get us right at 30 miles per lap. We're also going to throw in another aid station on course allowing the racer types to carry a lighter load, and the more leisurely riders another chance to relax. As always, the loop will include the familiar Happy Jack and Vedauwoo areas, winding you through beautiful rock formations on primative trails and fast forrested single track. From wildlife trails to single track to dirt roads, the course is equally well suited for geared bikes and single speeds. All at elevations over 7,500 feet, you'll race over high grass plains and down through serene aspen and pine forests.

In this fourth incarnation of the Laramie Enduro, you can expect:


A one lap wonder. Whether you're a noob finding your limits or you're a pro looking to hammer a lap and relax the rest of the day, one time around will not let you down!

Let's buy another round. This two lap option is the challenge you've been waiting for. Declare revenge on the first lap by crushing on the second go'round! Time to make your mark in history!

If you didn't ride the Enduro in 2017, please read the information on this site carefully to make sure you know what you are getting into. There were a lot of changes, and we plan to keep things pretty similar in 2018.

The Laramie Enduro is permitted under authorization from the USFS-Medicine Bow National Forest. As always - Leave No Trace.

This race is heavily dependent on volunteers!
Interested in helping? Details are on the volunteer page.