2009 Laramie Enduro Course Route

Start: Hidden Valley Picnic Area (Junction of Roads 705/705A)

Leave Hidden Valley Picnic Area on Road 705A and turn left onto Road 705 begin climbing to new Summit/Headquarters Trailhead – follow the trail markers off Road 705 onto the Headquarters Trail access.  Climb Headquarters Trail to the north proceed left through the gate (0.8 miles) onto Upper UW and follow the Camp Bypass Trail into Upper Tie City Parking Area (2.1 miles) head north across Happy Jack Highway (State Road 210) continuing north on Road 703.  Proceed north on Road 703 (stay left at Road 703/714 junction-at approximately 3.4 miles), proceed past Road 703 G and turn right through fence gate (5.95 miles) onto single/two track (Windy-Windy Trail) proceed approximately 1.2 miles southeast climbing along slope, until the trail intersects reclaimed Road 715E (at 7.1 miles * this is where the course changes from the 2006 course) you will take the right fork here – dropping off Windy-Windy (very dangerous descent – consists of very steep, rutted, very loose granite material & reclaimed 2-track) descending into Road 713D – the descent is south-to-east – continue east (i.e., left at road junction) on Road 713D – turn left/easterly onto Road 713D (7.8 miles) – continue easterly on Road 713D (do not take several side junction opportunities) until the junction with Road 712 (13.65 miles) – turn right onto Road 712 proceed approximately 0.7 miles and turn right again onto Road 714 (14.35 miles) follow westerly until the First Major Aid Station (16.7 miles).

Continue westerly on Road 714 until junction with Road 712 A (20.2 miles) – turn left onto Road 712A-stay on Road 712A until junction with Road 712AA (21.9 miles) – turn right travel 0.15 miles and then turn right onto Highway 210 (Happy Jack Road – paved) – travel 0.35 miles on the highway and then turn left onto Road 719 (22.35 miles-the entrance to the Happy Jack Recreation Area) – travel down this road turning right into the Happy Jack Recreation Area Parking lot and through the gate (22.85 miles) – stay right on the Pole Creek Trail and begin the climb follow the trails as marked (left on Black Jack-25.15 miles – continue left at all junctions – left onto Lower UW and then right on Lower UW at the Middle Aspen junction (24.15 miles) – sharp right onto Roller Coaster at four-way junction (26.2 miles) – left at next trail junction and left (south) at Ridge Trail junction (25.15 miles) – follow Ridge Trail south taking a left at the main trail junction (25.6 miles), follow the north end of Upper UW Trail to the top of the Aspen Trail (25.7 miles) then proceed right and down the Aspen Trail – at bottom of Aspen stay right and enter campground road (Pole Creek at 27.3 miles).  Proceed easterly and down the campground entrance road (Pole Creek Trail) follow the course markers to and continue down the Old Happy Jack Highway (E-SE) – 27.55 miles.  At the junction of the Old Highway Trail and Hooch Trail (29.45 miles) – turn right onto Hooch Trail (SE-southerly) until junction with Road 707 (Headquarters Road) Second Major Aid Station (30.5 miles).

Turn right onto Road 707 (Headquarters Road), proceed south approximately 0.2 miles (30.7 miles)- turn left onto Road 707C proceed on Road 707C for 2.5 miles until junction with Happy Jack Highway (State Road 210) cross Happy Jack Highway (State Road 210) (33.15 miles) and proceed through fence gate on the other (east) side of  the highway turn immediately left and proceed up the hill (northerly) along fence-line cattle trail (Townsendia Trail) for 0.6 miles (stay along the fence-line trail, not old reclaimed road) – turn right at markers (33.6 miles) and proceed easterly on Road 713F –  turn very sharply left onto Road 701 (35.5 miles) proceed northerly crossing the cattle guard (34.4 miles) – turn sharply left along fence line just after the cattle guard crossing – follow markers (northerly) and trail (SF Cross Trail) – cross the South Fork of North Branch Crow Creek at the marked location – then turn left (westerly) at fence corner onto East Markley Hill Trail (35.15 miles) until the junction with Road 701CA (37.15 miles) – Turn right and begin to climb northerly on Road 701CA (approx. 1.25 miles) – turn right at junction with Road 701C (36.85 miles) continue easterly on Road 701C until junction with Road 701 (37.7 miles) – turn left (north) on Road 701 take first right on Road 701B (37.9 miles) – proceed easterly on Road 701B until you cross a small stream where the road terminates in a camp site (38.45 miles) – follow markers onto the Twizzie Tween Trail climbing through the woods and a meadow until you reach a gate (38.75 miles) – proceed east-northeast (mostly down) on the Twizzie Tween Trail until you junction with South Lodgepole Creek (40.15 miles) – cross the creek and turn right travel east for 100 yards then turn left up More Revenge Trail crossing Road 710A at 40.55 miles and reaching Aid Station #3 (Road 710/Sagebrush Revenge Trail junction at 40.75 miles [Third Major Aid Station at the top of the trail]

Proceed straight (NE) on Sagebrush Revenge Trail from Aid Station #3 down the marked trail (trail makes a sharp right down the drainage at about 0.15 miles from the aid station – Sagebrush Revenge Trail junctions with Road 710B at 41.85 miles – proceed (southerly) across the road continuing on short single track back onto Road 710B until Road 710B crosses South Lodgepole Creek [this is a major water crossing] (42.15 miles) – continue southerly on Road 710 B passing through a gate at 44.05 miles and crossing the North Branch Crow Creek at 43.5 miles – proceed easterly until the road then turns into Road 701GA (43.8 miles) – stay right on the ensuing road junctions proceeding up a steep climb to the west-southwest out of the drainage – continue westerly on Road 701GA until junction with Pete=s Surprise Trail (46.1 miles) – turn left on to trail, following the trail through two sharp lefts proceeding S then SE on trail passing cattle stock tank (caution should be used on the descent into the stock tank area, sharp left after the tank, and remaining portions of this trail) at 47.35 miles – trail begins sharp descent into the South Branch Crow Creek Drainage – junction with South Branch Crow Creek Trail at 47.8 miles – continue down the drainage on the South Branch Crow Creek Trail (along barbed wire fence, yeehaw) – turn right and cross the fence-line (48.6 miles) following the path to the beaver dam crossing of the South Branch Crow Creek (this will be well marked although the trail crossing is currently under water and an alternative crossing may be marked) – cross the drainage and follow the trail to the bottom of Road 708 (49 miles) – begin climbing Road 708 first east, then south, finally curving back around to the west continue on Road 708 (crossing a cattle guard at 50.95 miles) until you junction with  Happy Jack Highway (State Road 210) at 52.05 miles cross Happy Jack Highway (State Road 210) continue proceeding west onto Road 707A until Aid Station #4 at 52.5 miles [Fourth Major Aid Station]

Continue westerly on Road 707A (stay left at junction with Road 707AB-54.45 miles) and turn left onto Road 707AG (53.55 miles) take the second left fork (53.7 miles) into a deadend camp site which turns into the Harper Loop Trail at 53.8 miles (this trail junction will be marked) – follow Harper Loop Trail easterly and then southerly around East Twin Mountain follow the markers westerly and southerly to the dry crossing of the North Branch of Crow Creek (55 miles) continue on the Harper Loop Trail until it junctions with the terminal end of Road 700B (55.55 miles) – turn left onto Road 700B go through gate at 55.8 miles and junction with Road 700BB at 56.4 miles – turn right onto Road 700BB follow the markings on this road (south and west) until it terminates at the east end of the Devil’s Jungle Gym Trail (57.5 miles) – proceed westerly on the Devil’s Jungle Gym Trail until the junction with the Reynolds Backside Trail (57.6 miles) – turn right onto Reynolds Backside Trail and begin climbing – continue on main marked trail it will junction with the Skeleton Trail at the top of a very steep hill (58.15 miles)Continue NW on the Skeleton Trail – at 59.15 miles is a very dangerous trail section and at 59.85 miles travel through a gate, until the junction with the Lower Blair Trail (60.1 miles) – turn right (westerly) onto the Lower Blair Trail and proceed up the Middle Crow Creek drainage until the junction with the Regolith Trail (60.4 miles) – turn right (N-NE) on the Regolith Trail proceed up the hill/drainage at 61.4 miles the trail junctions with Road 707AD at a gate – proceed through the gate and turn immediately left following the trail markings along the fenceline (turning left at the fence corner) climbing (NW) east of the Blair Rocks (veering towards the right before the large rock outcrop) and junction with the terminal end of Road 707AF at 62.1 miles [Fifth Major Aid Station]

Continue on Road 707AF until it junctions with Road 707A (62.4 miles) – turn left on Road 707A travel west until the junction with Road 707 (62.5 miles) – turn right onto Road 707 (Headquarters Road) and proceed north until you reach the Headquarters Trailhead Parking Area (64.1 miles) – turn left into the parking area and proceed up the Headquarters Trail – stay right (on the Headquarters Trail) at the Brown’s Landing Trail junction (65.25 miles) – then at the Summit Trail loop junction (66 miles) turn right onto Summit Trail (loop) climb less than 0.1 miles and then turn left at the Headquarters Trail junction (67.55 miles) – continue on the Headquarters Trail following the Scenic Overlook route until you reach the west end of the trail (69.4+/- miles) and descend the new Headquarters Trail access back down to Road 705 (69.9miles).  Once on Road 705 descend the steep, washboarded, loose gravel road 0.6 miles to the Hidden Valley Picnic Area, turn right into the area and proceed to the finish line – THE FINISH (70.5 miles).  The total distance may vary a bit, but should be very close to 70.5 miles.