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Racer and Volunteer Packet Pickup
Packets can only be picked up at The Pedal House.
207 South 1st Street (map).

General Information 2016

Racer and Volunteer Packet Pickup
Registration packets can only be picked up at the Pedal House (Bicycle Shop), 207 South 1st Street (between Grand and Ivinson Avenues, Laramie, WY 82070, on Friday (8/5) and between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM. We must have a completed, originally signed Laramie Enduro Waiver Form for every racer. The waivers will be required to pick up a race’s registration packet.  We will have this ready for you to sign.  Since this is not a USAC sanctioned event you will not need a license to pick-up your packet.

Buddy Packet Pickup/2016 Waiver: If someone else is picking up your packet for you, then they need to bring a printed and signed 2016 waiver form from you. It can be a fax or photocopy, but digital waivers in email or on your phone won’t work for us, sorry!

Packets must be picked up at the Pedal House Bicycle Shop by 8:00 PM Friday August 5 – No Race Day Registration or Packet Pick-up!

Registration forms and waivers for volunteers will be available at packet pick-up and at the volunteer registration table on race day.  Volunteers are required to sign a Laramie Enduro volunteer waiver.  If others are traveling with you please ask them to consider volunteering for the race, it would be greatly appreciated, prizes, food, and t-shirts available.

Flagging Traffic Control Training Videos
Part 1  |  Part 2

Please contact the Laramie Enduro at to volunteer.

Race Site Directions
From Laramie: travel approximately 9.5 miles east (of the Grand Ave. Exit) on I-80. Take the Summit Rest Area Exit (Exit 323), turn left (towards the rest area) and continue straight on USFS Road 705 (Blair-Wallis Road) past the Summit Rest Area.  Follow the Blair-Wallis Road for approximately 0.5 miles and look for the parking signs (race parking will be on the left along Road 705F- keep cars off the race course – Road 705, between Road 705F and the Hidden Valley Picnic Area; park along Road 705 past the Hidden Valley entrance at your own risk/follow all USFS rules); proceed another 0.3 miles down Road 705 to the Hidden Valley Picnic Area (it will be at the bottom of the hill on the right side of the road) – follow signs to the parking & start areas.  No race day parking in the Hidden Valley Picnic Area or along USFS Road 705 between the start/finish and Summit Parking Area.

From Cheyenne: travel approximately 39 miles west on I-80 take the Summit Rest Area Exit (Exit 323) turn right (towards the rest area) and continue straight on USFS Road 705 (Blair-Wallis Road) past the Summit Rest Area.  Follow the Blair-Wallis Road for approximately 0.5 miles and look for the parking signs (race parking will be on the left along Road 705F- keep cars off the race course – Road 705 between Road 705F and the Hidden Valley Picnic Area; parking along Road 705 past the Hidden Valley entrance at your own risk/follow all USFS rules); proceed another 0.3 miles down Road 705 to the Hidden Valley Picnic Area (it will be at the bottom of the hill on the right side of the road) – follow signs to the parking & start areas.  No race day parking in the Hidden Valley Picnic Area or along USFS Road 705 between the start/finish and Summit Parking Area.

Racer Parking
Race Day Parking will be approximately 0.3 miles above the Hidden Valley Picnic Area/starting location along USFS Road 705F. NO PARKING along the race course on Road 705 between the Summit Trailhead and the Hidden Valley Picnic Area. No race day parking in the Hidden Valley Picnic Area. Parking at the Hidden Valley Picnic Area will be controlled by attendants and is only for Laramie Enduro/race officials and volunteers. You may park along Road 705 past the Hidden Valley entrance at your own risk/follow all USFS rules. Please comply with all Enduro Parking Signs (your cooperation will improve our ability to respond to emergencies, race related situations, and improve rider safety).

Start/Staging Area
The staging/start/finish and post-race activities will be at the Hidden Valley Picnic Area (follow the signs), 0.3 miles down Road 705 from the Road 705F Parking Area. Staging begins at 6:45 AM (there is no race-day racer check-in).

Bag/Gear Drop
Bags must be well marked with your name and racer number. A bag drop to transport your gear is available for transportation to the THIRD AID STATION ONLY. The primary bag drop locations will be at the Pedalhouse (Bicycle Shop) during packet pick-up and the Summit Rest Area-Volunteer Registration location at the top of Road 705 on August 1st (the morning of the race) until 6:45 AM. You can hand off bags at the Summit Volunteer Registration location until 6:45 AM. All drop bags will be brought back to the start/finish area “main event tent” after Aid Station #3 breaks down and brings their supplies back to the base location.

Race Specific Information
The Laramie Enduro is not sanctioned by USAC or any other governing body.

Laramie Enduro Racing Categories (Proposed)
The LE Race Director and Staff reserves the rights to combine as many age classes and revise age classes at their discretion prior to the race, if a minimum number of riders per age class are not participating.

OPEN (USAC Pro through Category 2 equivalent)

Age Classes Per Gender
Age classes will be decided and revised somewhat based on the number of participants. It is possible, if enough riders are available, the following ages classes will be used, (female participant numbers are currently very low and there may only be 1 or 2 age groups):

  • 0-29 years of age
  • 30-39 years of age
  • 40-49 years of age; and
  • 50 and over

SINGLE SPEED (No Age Classes per gender)
With enough riders we may divide single speed riders into two age classes per gender.

TANDEM (No Age Classes or Gender Distinctions)

LE Prizes/Awards
Cash prizes will be paid to the top three racers (guaranteed), by gender/age class, for those competing in the Open Category.  All other racers may be competing for merchandise prizes (to be determined by the race sponsors).  These awards will be presented by age class for each gender.  The Laramie Enduro reserves the right to combine age classes accordingly.

Refund Information
NO REFUNDS given after May 31, 2016.

Course Rules and Information
COWS are out in force, their impacts on the landscape can create very sandy and dusty conditions.  Cattle will be present and are impacting various trail conditions. We have had riders hit cows in the past, assuming they would move or in some cases not move, the cows have won every-time.  There will be fresh reminders of bovine presence distributed throughout the course, please be aware of their presence and tread lightly (they don’t). We’ve also had record amounts of rain so far this spring/early summer, so there will be more mud and water than in the previous couple of years. We have no control over these aspects of the race and course impacts.

1. Let me make this perfectly clear, the Laramie Enduro is a mountain bike race.  Mountain bike racing is inherently DANGEROUS!  This mountain bike race is long, 70 miles +/-.  The course is rough, rutted, contains wash outs, holes, areas of deep sand, loose gravel-rocks-logs, branches, fallen trees, water crossings, logs, mud, barbed-wire fences, gates, roots; steep descents; steep climbs, etc.  Sections of the course may contain any or all of these obstacles and/or conditions.  There will be motorized traffic and vehicles, livestock, wildlife, pedestrians, and equestrians on the roads and trails, as well as other trail and road users.  We are not permitted by the USFS to “maintain” trails, so TRAIL HAZARDS EXIST – PAY ATTENTION AT ALL TIMES!  If you’ve done the race before you already know this to be true.

2. All riders must be past the Headquarters Trailhead parking area by 5:00 PM or you will be pulled from the race for your safety and in consideration of our volunteers and course sweepers.  The Cut-Off Time Limits for each Aid Station/Check Point are presented below and will be strictly enforced in 2015.  If you do not make a cut-off time, you must cease racing/riding and will be given a ride back to the start/finish area.  This is not optional, you must stop riding.  Cut-Off Time Limits represent the time when riders must leave each of the six course locations listed below.

Aid Station #1 (16.7 miles)                10:00am (2.5 hours from the last wave)

Aid Station #2 (30.5 miles)                11:45am (4.25 hours)

Aid Station #3 (40.75 miles)            1:15pm (5.75 hours)

Aid Station #4 (52.5 miles)                3:15pm (7.75 hours)

Aid Station #5 (62.1 miles)                4:30pm (9.0 hours)

Bottom of Headquarters Trail (64.1 miles)        5:00pm

If a rider arrives at any designated course location after the Cut-Off/Time Limit, they will be notified that they have not made the cut-off time limit for that location and will be designated as DID-NOT-FINISH (DNF).  DNF riders must remove their number from their bikes prior to entering the finish area.  DNF riders will be offered a ride back to the start/finish area but as noted above, they cannot continue to ride the course.  Cut-Off Time Limits are implemented for rider and volunteer safety.  If you do not finish or were classified as DNF you must check in with a race marshal at the finish area or one of the aid stations.  All riders must be accounted for (**If you do not contact a race marshal you jeopardize your participation in future events).

3. The course will be marked with red diamond shaped signs with black or white arrows, possibly yellow signs with black arrows/symbols and orange survey flagging, orange pin flags, orange spray chalk, and other bicycle or bike race signs.  Each racer is responsible for reviewing all available race information, including the most recent course description and course map.

4. RACE MARSHALS have ultimate jurisdiction along the course.  For everyone’s safety please adhere to their decisions.  Some marshals will be located at unspecified check points to identify riders.  If you miss being identified at a check point you could be disqualified.  If you ride off the race course, you must reenter the course where you left it to remain eligible to “officially” finish.

5. Many people have given up their weekend to help with this race.  Without these fantastic volunteers this race would not happen.  PLEASE be courteous to all volunteers!

6. Stay on the marked and primary trails, if possible.  Please do not cut junctions or course corners.  Cutting a corner may lead to DISQUALIFICATION.  The continued use of these trails and roads depends on your cooperation.  It’s a long race.  Cheating won’t be tolerated, you will automatically be disqualified and not eligible to return to any future Laramie Enduro.

7. It is permissible to assist other riders with parts, tools, or on-trail help.  If a rider is seriously hurt please stop and assist the rider or get medical help ASAP.  Please help-out a fellow rider we are a community.  Wyoming is a “Good Samaritan” law state, if you use common sense, you cannot be held liable when helping an injured person.  Please treat other riders how you wish to be treated.  Please notify a race marshal (leave your name and number) if you stop to aid another rider.  We’ll compensate racers who lend medical assistance to injured riders and adjust your “official” time accordingly.

8. PLEASE, DO NOT LITTER.  Littering is unacceptable!  Please just don’t do it.  Do not provide the USFS with an excuse to shut us down.  Trail trash continues to be an issue and could affect future racing-trail use by bicyclists.  Try to leave trash at aid stations (within 150 feet of the stations), preferably in the trash bags and receptacles, or stow it in your pockets, shorts, or packs.  Don’t throw your trash along the trails or roads.  Post-race clean-up requires numerous hours of volunteer time, trash on the trail makes it that much harder and longer.  Our volunteers will be busy enough, so please don’t make them pick up your trash.

9. There will be FIVE MAJOR AID/REST STATIONS along the route.  All aid stations will have food, drinks, medical personnel, and radio support.

AID STATION ONE at the junction of Road 714 & Road 702 (16.7 miles).

AID STATION TWO at the junction Hooch Trail & Road 707/Headquaters Road (30.5 miles).

AID STATION THREE at the junction Road 710 & top of Sagebrush Revenge Trail (40.75 miles).

AID STATION FOUR at the junction Road 707AA & Road 707A (52.5 miles).

AID STATION FIVE at the junction of Road 707AF (terminal end) & Regolith Trail (62.1 miles).

FINISH Summit Parking Area or Hidden Valley Picnic Area; USFS decision pending (70.5 miles).

See the course description and map (posting of the map is regulated by the USFS) for more specific trail information.  Distance values are estimated using odometer distances, so odometer inaccuracies should be expected.

Aid Station Fare
All stations – Water, Honey Stinger gels, bars, waffles & chews; Hammer Endurolyte capsules, Heed, & Perpetuem (solids and powder); Gatorade, and fruit (bananas) & dried fruit. Most stations will also have – other kinds of energy bars, bagels or bread, peanut butter, jelly or honey, cookies, pretzels, boiled-salted potatoes, and other snacks. Cups are very limited and drinks should be dispensed into your own bottles or backpacks.

10. Obey all USFS, Albany County, and State of Wyoming rules and laws pertaining to traffic/road use, fire, firearms, and fireworks.  Leave your firearms and fireworks at home.  Even with all the rain, SE Wyoming remains in drought conditions and the area have been severely impacted by the Pine Bark Beetle.  The Happy Jack Area is a busy recreational user area within the Medicine Bow National Forest, so be aware of and courteous to other forest users.

11. Dogs must be on a leash within the Hidden Valley Picnic Area (and/or the start/finish areas). We have had numerous close calls between riders and dogs in the past and this cannot be tolerated. Once the race is over dogs can be unleashed, but must remain under voice control for the safety of the dog and people participating in the post-race festivities.

12. Helmets – All racers MUST wear helmets at ALL times BEFORE the race, THROUGHOUT the race and AFTER the race if you are on a bike. If you don’t want to wear your helmet, walk your bike!  This is a Laramie Enduro and insurance company requirement that must be adhered to along the course and at the start/finish/post-race locations!

Post-Race Festivities
All post-race festivities (food, prizes, awards, music, etc.) will take place at the Hidden Valley Picnic Area (start/finish).  The First Aid-Medical Headquarters will be located at the start/finish (look for the signs on the big white trailer).

The Awards Ceremony for top Open and Single Speed Category finishers will begin by 2:00 PM provided at least the tops ten-finishers have completed the race.

We’ll have several excellent Laramie and Cheyenne establishments providing food for volunteers and racers (food will be supplied by Altitude Chophouse and Brewery; Corona Village-Andale Rapido, Coal Creek Coffee, Mort’s Bagels, and others). Complimentary Beer will be provided by New Belgium Brewery and served by our volunteers. Other drinks compliments of Pepsi. Additional dinner tickets may be purchased for family, friends, and other non-racers/volunteers for $8 each (available on-line during registration, and possibly at packet pick up).

Bring lawn or camp chairs, other than the ground and picnic tables seating is very limited. Bring your own beverage cups/mugs, plates and utensils, if possible. We will have utensils and paper plates, but we’re trying to reduce our impacts on the environment as much as possible.

No camper vehicles (cars, etc.) will be permitted to leave/enter the start/finish area after 11:00 AM and before the race is complete, 5:30 PM on Saturday-Race Day (volunteer vehicles only). Contact the Medicine Bow National Forest Laramie Ranger District at 307-745-2300 or for camping information.

Motel space in Laramie is limited during the summer (Please refer to the motel information at the bottom of this page or the Tourist Board link on the website).

Lunch & Dinner in Laramie
All Laramie and Cheyenne Restaurants are Smoke-Free – Refer to the Sponsor Page for more information.

Altitude Chophouse and Brewery (320 South 2nd St) serves some of the tastiest food and drink in Laramie.  Their menu provides a wide range of selections exceeding your typical brewpub fare expectations.  They also serve their award winning brews and have a terrific wine and spirits selection to compliment your meal.

Corona Village-Andale Rapido (2900 E Grand Ave. & their parent restaurant Corona Village 513 Boswell Drive) authentic Mexican food prepared fresh and served fast.  If you’re looking for a south of the border taste look no further than Corona Village.  Simply delicious!

Coal Creek Coffee (110 E. Grand Ave & 2317 E Grand Ave) Wyoming’s premiere coffee roasting establishment is a major supporter of the Laramie Enduro and will be open early on Saturday morning so you can get your java fix before heading up the hill to the race venue. Two Coal Creek locations serve fine coffee and other drinks, as well as excellent breakfast and lunch fare. Coal Creek Tap House at the downtown location serves their own award winning brews on tap.

Food in Cheyenne
Be sure to visit Mort’s Bagels (the original!) on your way through Cheyenne (307-637-5400; located at 1815 Carey Ave, downtown Cheyenne).  Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or just a morning snack.

Bike Shops
The Pedal House is a long-time Event Sponsor.  They will be available for your biking and repair needs (307-742-5533;; located at 207 South 1st Street).  This shop is situated in historic downtown Laramie and been a loyal supporter since year 1.  This is the site of the Friday race packet pick-up.

All Terrain Sports is back this year as an event level sponsor.  They are located at 412 E Grand Ave (307-721-8036;

In Cheyenne, Rock-on-Wheels has been supporting and sponsoring the Laramie Enduro since the beginning.  Visit George at 900 East Lincolnway, call him at 307-631-0020, or check out their webpage at

Other Downtown Shops and Sponsors
The Jeweler, Big Hollow Food Co-op, Atmosphere Mountainworks, and Pinebeach, Inc. generously support the Laramie Enduro.

Please refer to our website Sponsor Page to learn more about many of these businesses which have committed to the highest levels of sponsorship for the Laramie Enduro.  Please patronize these terrific local and regional businesses all of whom are committed to making your participation in the Laramie Enduro a memorable occasion by helping us through sponsorship. Thank them for their sponsorship of the Laramie Enduro and make sure to mention the Laramie Enduro in connection with your visit to their business, it helps all of us.

Visit the Albany County Tourism Board website ( or give them a call at 1-800-445-5303 for questions or information concerning Laramie. We do not have a sponsor motel.  If you have not made motel reservations yet, it may be difficult to get a room at this late date due to Cheyenne Frontier Days impact on lodging in Laramie.