Race Info.


Saturday, July 28th, 2018. First wave at 7:30am.

Wave placement is based on the estimated first lap finish time given during registration. Each wave will have both Epic (2 lap) and One and Done racers. Click here for a roster of riders and waves.


We will use the same start location as 2017. If you did not race in 2017, pay attention.
The Start/Finish will be on Headquarters Road (FS 707). About a 20 minute drive southeast of Laramie, Wyoming.
Here’s a map.

From Laramie, take I-80 east to exit 323. Turn towards the rest area (left) and then left onto Happy Jack Road (WYO 210). Follow Happy Jack Road for about 6 miles. Look for a sign on the right that says “Blair-Wallis”. The turn is between mileposts 31 and 32. Turn right and follow the dirt road in for a little over a mile to the venue.

From Cheyenne, take Happy Jack Road (WYO 210) west out of town for about 31 miles. Look for a sign on the left that says “Blair-Wallis”. The turn is between mileposts 31 and 32. Turn left and follow the dirt road in for a little over a mile to the venue.

Race Information/Rules:

Number plate:
Goes on the front of your bike, mounted so someone can read it as you approach them. If we can’t read your number, we can’t get your time.

Trail Ettiquette:
Be extraordinarily polite to other trail users. If you come across non-racers, you still need to follow the standard rules of the trail (bikes yield to all others).

Be nice! It’s a long race, so be patient when trying to get around someone. If someone asks to come by you, do your best to accomadate them.

Going off course:
You have to go back to where you left the course and start again from there.

If you can’t hear racers asking to pass, it’s your fault when you get pushed off the trail.

Tell the timers if you don’t finish the race.

On Trail Assistance:
We are a community, so help out a fellow rider in need. Whether it’s a spare tube or CPR, helping is always a good idea.

It’s lame, so don’t do it. By the way, accidentally dropping your gel pack is littering, so go back and get it.

Racers must wear a cycling helmet.

Everything Else:
Standard mountain bike racing rules and/or common sense apply.

Cut-off Times:

Check the Course page for details.


NWS point forecast for the venue. Your safety on the race course is your responsibility. If weather conditions necessitate it, we will keep riders from starting their second lap. You may be a long way from shelter when a storm rolls in. Please use your judgement as to whether or not you should be out there.

Awards/Post-Race Festivities:

The Start Finish line will be a hotbed of activity throughout the day. Food, beer, music and merriment will keep you entertained while you cheer on your friends or nurse your aching muscles. If you race or volunteer, food and drink will be provided with your entry fee. Bring lawn or camp chairs, there is no other seating. Bring your own beverage cups/mugs, plates and utensils, if possible. We will have utensils and paper plates, but we’re trying to reduce waste as much as possible.

The Awards Ceremony will begin at 2pm.