2010 Race Info, Pre-Ride & More…

Registration for the 2010 Laramie Enduro opened on April 1st at Noon and the 300 guaranteed racer slots were filled by 12:06:48. The remaining participants were selected through lotteries and guaranteed acceptances through sponsorship and through agreement with the Rocky Mountain Ultra Endurance Series. By now, all but about 40 people know their status with respect to participating in this year’s race.
The USFS permit application approaches its 30+ week of review and the outcome remains a mystery. Unfortunately, the delay in approval and review-related questions have caused us to delay depositing registration checks, etc. If you have an interest in seeing the Laramie Enduro continue please go to the Laramie Chamber of Commerce website and let them know what the Enduro means to you, as well as how it affects your travels and economic impacts on Laramie’s economy. Please encourage the Chamber to contact the USFS to let them know how important the Laramie Enduro is to Laramie and the businesses that benefit from your travels.
Pre-Ride: The 2010 pre-race course inspection has been cancelled.
Weekend (June 12th& 13th) weather forecast calls for cool temperatures and chances for rain. Many trails remain exceptionally wet and the eastern most crossing of the South Branch of Lodgepole Creek remains impassable (without getting extremely wet). Many of the Happy Jack ski trails are not ready for riding and current use is negatively impacting these areas. In addition, the South Fork of the North Branch of Crow Creek and Twin Mountain areas are very, very wet, in some locations trails are covered by running water. There is also at least one large tree down at the bottom of Aspen Trail. Based on the current and expected trail conditions, as well as the political situation, we will not conduct a pre-race course inspection over two days. Instead pre-race condition inspections will be conducted by the
Laramie Enduro staff throughout July.
IMBA at Happy Jack
An IMBA trail work weekend has been scheduled for June 17-20th for the Happy Jack Recreation Area. We are one of only 70 sites/weekends selected in North America. It is very important that we show the USFS that non-motorized trails and recreation are important and that bicyclist belong as a trail user. Currently, this is not the message being relayed by the USFS. In fact, our use of a majority of the existing trails and any expansion or rerouting is in extreme jeopardy. Check the Laramie BikeNet and/or the MBMBP websites for more information.
Take care and have a terrific summer on and off the bike!